Yellowstone Day Tours, Private Tours and Extensions

Inquire about a personalized itinerary to make your photo tour even better!

We will be happy to work with you to put together a personalized Yellowstone itinerary that suits your needs as a photographer. You may be thinking about adding an extension to one of our existing tours (great for hitting some of the neighboring areas of the park or simply spending more time in Yellowstone), or planning a private guided itinerary for part of your stay in the park. We've accepted a number of requests for shorter (1 to 3 day) excursions for individuals or groups, as well as longer private tours.

We may be available to lead single day or private multi-day tours at various times of year, especially closer to our seasonal group tours. However, even if we are not available to guide you personally, we have an extensive network of trusted local tour guides that may be able to serve you. Please Note: Our colleagues' daily rates and tour inclusions may vary from the rates listed below! Please contact us about planning a day tour, private tour or adding an extension.

Private/Custom Tour Rates:
Our base private tour rates are listed below. Rates include guiding, in-park transportation, park permits and fees and lunch. Additional costs such as lodging, airport pick-up/drop-off, and additional meals are not included. However, we can work with you to help make additional arrangements if needed.

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Here are some suggested itineraries and extensions:

Morning Glory Pool
Yellowstone's thermal features are a popular photo subject.
Yellowstone Wildlife Extension
This is pretty simple. If you don't feel a week is enough time to spend photographing the park's bountiful wildlife—and we wouldn't blame you—let us know if you'd like to extend your stay beyond our tour dates. In late spring, summer and fall, this may give you an opportunity to visit areas not covered during the regular tour, or simply revisit hot spots and animals you want to photograph more. Yellowstone has so much to offer that you're bound to put the extra time to good use!

Yellowstone Geyser Extension
If you're interested in seeing and shooting some of the thermals that make the park famous, we may be able to add a one or two day geyser extension to one of our existing wildlife tours.

Grand Teton Extension
Plan a visit to Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone's neighbor to the south. The Teton mountain range towers above the area known as Jackson Hole, making for some awe-inspiring scenery and great landscape photo opportunities. The Tetons also happen to be a great place for wildlife. Moose feature prominently here, and other large species such as grizzly and black bears, elk and pronghorn are common.

Moulton Barn
The Grand Tetons offer great landscape and wildlife photo ops.
This extension is limited to spring, summer or fall trips. Fall is the best time to visit, due to the elk and moose rut and the peak of autumn colors that set the park ablaze in gold, orange and red tones. Though we do not currently offer a standard fall tour, we would be happy to plan a private tour of Yellowstone and the Tetons for you.

Due to permit regulations, this is a "wildlife and landscape watching" tour only. Photography IS permitted, but we cannot provide photographic instruction in GTNP at this time.

Wild Horse Extension
Plan a day trip to see and photograph some of the few remaining wild horses left in the American west. We'll travel into Wyoming and will attempt to track down a few of the small bands and individuals left roaming the plains. If we're lucky, we may get to see stallions fighting over their harems. It can be a great setting for dramatic wild horse photography. Limited to late spring, summer and fall.

Customized Private Tours
We're happy to work with you to plan a private excursion to the park at any time of year. This is great option for groups, couples or individuals, for photographers who want to spend more (or less) time in the park, or those that wish to concentrate on a specific subject. Contact us about a private tour.

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