Yellowstone Photo Tours with Max Waugh

Tours led by a professional photographer with over a decade of park experience

"Max's knowledge of the animals, their habits, and locations they like to frequent was evident from the first day through the last. This trip was more than I ever imagined, it was definitely a trip of a lifetime." –Richard B.
Join wildlife photographer Max Waugh on a week-long tour of the world's first national park! Yellowstone remains the premier place for general wildlife photography in the continental US and perhaps all of North America. The variety and proximity of wildlife is often unmatched elsewhere. Whether your focus is predators like bears and wolves, or powerful giants like elk and bison, or even smaller critters such as rodents or birds, Yellowstone has something for nearly every wildlife photographer.

Max Waugh has been photographing wildlife in the region since the year 2000 and has become intimate with some of the best locations to find many of the park's major species. Having previously published maps and guides used by thousands of visitors every year, Max is now able to share his knowledge first-hand on these guided Yellowstone photo tours.

Yellowstone Spring Wildlife, Tour: June 12 - 18, 2016

With Max Waugh

Yellowstone and Spring Wildlife Photo Tour
The spring tour is all about the wildlife! Spring is the best time of year to be in the park if your goal is to see and photograph the greatest variety of species, not to mention a lot of cute baby animals.

The spring tour focuses on the park's north and east wildlife-rich quadrants, but we'll go wherever great animal photo ops can be found. There's no shortage of subjects, from grizzly bears and wolves uncovering winter carcasses to newborn bison, elk and deer, to migrating birds passing through the park or building their nests. Our 2014 and 2015 spring tours were incredible in terms of the variety and volume of subjects. 2016 promises more of the same!

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Yellowstone & Grand Teton Fall Tour: September 23 - 30, 2016

With Zack Clothier

Yellowstone and Grand Teton Autumn Photo Tour
Our last two fall tours were a success, with plenty of good wildlife and landscape photo opportunities in both Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

This is the ideal tour for those interested in shooting everything the ecosystem has to offer, from animals to the golden leaves of autumn. We will rise early for sunrise landscape opportunities and morning wildlife activity. We'll seek out bears fattening up for winter, as well as male moose, elk and pronghorn laying claim to females during the autumn rut, and much more.

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Yellowstone in Winter: January 19 - 25, 2017

With Max Waugh

Yellowstone Winter Photo Tour
In winter months, the park can be cold and harsh, yet also stark and beautiful. There are bountiful landscape and scenic photo opportunities, and also a chance to encounter several of the park's species that endure the difficult conditions. Wolves, foxes, moose and river otters are a few of the popular species that we will seek out during our exploration of Yellowstone's Northern Range.

The winter tour also gives you a special opportunity to visit Yellowstone's remote interior, which is closed off to wheeled traffic during the winter. We'll visit several of the park's famous thermal areas, which remain active year-round and provide unique landscape photo opportunities. Our trip to the interior also involves visits to the Madison River (home to endangered trumpeter swans and the rare bobcat) and the vast Hayden Valley and Yellowstone Falls. This tour features 3 days in the park interior on a private snow coach.

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